LES Poland

6 April 2015


World Intellectual Property Day



Just like last year, LES Poland invites you to participate in the online discussion dedicated to industrial property in view of the upcoming World Intellectual Property Day, established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and celebrated annually on April 26, since 2001.

You have an idea but you do not know how to protect your rights?

You have a product and want to protect it against the use by unfair competitors?

You are planning a new venture and you would like to avoid infringing the rights of the others?


You can find answers to these and other questions, if you participate in our online discussion on 26 April 2015, organized during the World Intellectual Property Day.


Join us on our Facebook profile on 26 April!


More information:



By decision of the Board of the Society we hereby extend the deadline for the essay  contest:

The most interesting verdicts of the Court of Justice of the EU and their impact on the protection of the intellectual property rights in Poland or Europe 

Aim of the competition 
The aim of the competition is dissemination of knowledge on the subject of the protection of intellectual property to students and graduates and to encourage them to apply their knowledge in a practical way.



The competition is open to students and graduates to 30 years of age (as of the moment of the announcement of the competition, i.e. 26 April 2014)



The best essay will be awarded with financial reward in the amount of 500,00 zł (five hundred zlotys).


Available in the seat of the Society and in an electronic form in the "Download"  section.



The new deadline for submitting essays is 31 March 2015
The essay should not extend 10 pages of the A4 format.


We invite you to participate in the contest!

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