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On 18 November 2015 LES Poland organized a whole day conference in Warsaw "Commercial Side of IP" on the subject of commercialization and valuation of intellectual property.


The main objective of the conference was to familiarize the participants with the practical aspects of IP valuation, in particular in the context of buying and selling, accounting, risk assessment, the development and financing of start-ups. Key aspects concerning the practice of due diligence, commercialization and IP valuation were presented by experienced practitioners and distinguished speakers:


Full program of the conference with short bio on the speakers may be found HERE.


The conference was chaired by members of LES Poland Dr. Marcin Pęksyk from the University of Grańsk and Mr. Michał Siciarek from the LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners law firm. Opening, introduction and closing remarks were delivered by the Secretary and the President of LES Poland – Ms. Monika Kaczmarska and Mr. Jakub Mrozowski.

From left: Marcin Pęksyk, David R. Jarczyk, Michał Wawrykiewicz, Jakub Mrozowski and Monika Kaczmarska 


From left: Marcin Pęksyk, David R. Jarczyk and Michał Wawrykiewicz


From left: Dominika Boehm, Michał Siciarek, Samir Deliormanli and William Edward Bird


From left: Michał Siciarek, Dirk Groenewegen and Mateusz Knecht


The conference has been highly popular with nearly 90 attendees, including professional representatives (attorneys & patent attorneys), in-house lawyers, entrepreneurs, members of associations of representatives, the judiciary, government agencies and academics.



From left: Marcin Pęksyk, Stella Law, Paulina Sommerrey and Andrzej Półkoszek


The conference was organized in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw www.oirpwarszawa.pl with kind patronage and sponsorship of LES Benelux www.les-benelux.org, LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners law firm www.lds-ip.pl, POLSERVICE law firm www.polservice.com.pl, VISTULA University www.vistula.edu.pl and the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys www.rzecznikpatentowy.org.pl.


More photos can be found on our Facebook profile HERE.

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