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On 14 September 2012 LES Poland in association with the LDS Łazewski Depo & Partners law firm hold a seminar “Business in China – how to minimize risks in the area of Intellectual property”.


The aim of the seminar was to answer the question of how do Chinese perceive the protection of Intellectual property, what is their attitude towards the fulfillment of agreements and what is the impact of culture on their perception of the value of intellectual property. The seminar also outlined the facts regarding patent boom in China and presented the importance of a large number of local patents for businesses entering the Chinese market. The seminar also explained how to cope with Chinese companies that use patents to gain a competitive advantage over foreign competitors.


 The speakers at the seminar were:


Mr. Piotr Czerwiński – founder and manager of the Henhao group which focuses on the development of Polish-Chinese relations, including providing support for Polish entrepreneurships, societies and other various institutions in building and maintaining the correlation with Chinese partners.


Mr. Dominik Błędzki – lawyer in a Polish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, associated with the Chambers for 4 years, responsible for contacts of Polish companies with their business partners in China.


Mr. Elliot Papageorgiou – lawyer practicing inter alia in England and Wales, United States and Australia, professionally involved in IP matters since 1995. He advises international companies in litigation and other matters relating to IP rights, with particular emphasis on strategies of protection, disputes and asserting of the intellectual property rights in China


More information regarding the seminar is available HERE (information In Polish). 

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