LES Poland

Licensing Executives Society Poland (LES Poland)


Polish group of LES was officially accepted by the LES International in April 2002. The establishment of the LES Poland coincided with the phenomenon of growing importance of intangible assets in Polish enterprises. Even today, the importance of technology transfer continues to grow, more and more people recognize the importance of intangible goods and perceive them as an essential element of economic success.


Accession of Poland to the European Union became a particular challenge for LES Poland. Polish market has suddenly merged with the market in which the role of intellectual property rights has been appreciated for many years. It became extremely important for many Polish entrepreneurs to get to know the legal and economic rules of the EU market, as well as to notice and seize the opportunities offered by participation in the common market. Currently, commercialization and technology transfer still remain the untapped engine of innovation and competitiveness.


Besides the promotion of knowledge and international standards for the transfer of technology, our goal is a promotion of pro-active behaviors, openness to the new solutions and expanding horizons in thinking about business development. We try to meet our objectives through education of our members, publishing activities and organization of seminars which gives the opportunity to establish and strengthen contacts between people professionally involved in the protection and commercialization of innovations.


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