LES Poland

LES membership carries a number of benefits, both for the entrepreneurs who deal with the intangibles in their practice, as well as for those who provide professional services in this field –consultants, lawyers, patent attorneys, etc.


Possibility of benefiting from professional training

LES Poland and other national societies organize seminars and conferences to disseminate the best patterns of action with regard to the intangibles. The seminars also cover the current and interesting topics in this area. Societies organize also training sessions, during which members of the Society can improve their professional skills. Membership in the Society often entitles to free participation in training courses, seminars and conferences or to participation at preferential prices.


Access to specialist publications

LES International publishes a quarterly “LES Nouvelles” (current and archive issues are available electronically after logging in to the user panel). LES Nouvelles contains, among other things, review of major events in the world of marketing the intangibles and numerous analysis of issues specific to technology transfer. In addition, LES publishes numerous papers regarding the European patent law, model contracts and contractual clauses, European Union regulations on intangible property.


Access to the unique educational materials

LES offers a variety of materials in the form of textbooks, courses and instructions on the best practices in licensing.


Possibility of establishing professional contacts

Members of LES have access to a list of all members around the world, which allows to contact the individuals involved in the technology transfer in the country and abroad. In addition, conferences organized by LES provide an excellent forum of contacts, both domestic and international. 


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