LES Poland

The importance of intangible assets and transactions involving intellectual property in the market economy continues to grow. More and more often intangible goods such as patents, utility models, industrial designs or trademarks constitute main assets of the companies. Also their management becomes the real challenge.


Licensing Executives Society (LES) is an international organization of people involved in licensing and various forms of transfer of intellectual property rights as well as its commercialization.


Licensing Executives Society Poland is the Polish branch of the organization. Our goal is to disseminate and promote international standards in this field as well as to promote knowledge, exchange of experience and information. We encourage you to participate in our meetings and seminars. More information about activities of our Society can be found in the EVENTS section, information on the possibility of joining the Society is in the MEMBERSHIP section.


LES brings together people with various professional expertise from all over the world: the representatives of innovative companies, economists, lawyers, patent agents, intellectual property brokers and people involved in the management of intellectual property rights.


Transfer of technology – the concept of technology transfer refers to any forms of sharing of the existing technological solutions, mainly inventions, utility and industrial designs to other economic entities through assignment and license agreements. Transfer of technology allows companies to improve their innovativeness and competitiveness, to use the achievements of other entrepreneurs and, thereby, also to strengthen their position on the market.


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